Shenandoah Sunrises


I'm currently recovering from what seemed like the longest month of night shifts. I'm still on a bit of a wacky sleep schedule (getting back to being a "normal human" is always a little struggle) so I decided that I would wake up at 3:00am and drive out to Shenandoah National Park to watch the sun rise, do a little hike, and take some time to reflect, which sounds soooo corny and not like me butttt oh well it's the truth. I decided to go to Moorman's River Outlook for two reasons. 1) It's beautiful - duh and 2) I just recently hiked Moorman's River Trail so it was neat to see the reservoir/river from above.


About that reflection: the last few months for me have been hectic but I'm finally in a routine with my job/life here in Richmond and now that I feel all settled in, I've been putting a lot of thought into how I want my life to look 2, 5, 7 years down the road (not something I usually do). I've never actually sat down with myself and really figured out what I want moving forward. Moving forward my one continuous goal is: do not rush life. Everyone around me is getting engaged, having kids, rushing to that next step whatever it might be, and if they're not then they're jealous of those who are. I'm incredibly lucky to have someone who doesn't rush anything and I'm so grateful for that. That's not to say that all these people are actually rushing life, everyone does things at their own pace. I'm just not a fast-paced person. I like moving slow; for the next few years I want to be my only responsibility, I want to live alone for awhile, I want to travel and spend time with my significant other alone (greedy I know), and I want to focus on my career.

Sooooooo that's my schpeel on life right meow. I'm a happy girl who's excited for life and I needed a serious moment to congratulate myself on where I am and get myself excited for what's ahead. This is my personal journal after all.

After I watched the sunrise I fell asleep (lol but really) took a little hike that I'll be posting about in a few days. Also Michael and I and two friends are going to head back out to the Blue Ridge Parkway this Sunday to hike Crabtree Falls and I can't wait! I love waterfalls and I've been itching to hike this trail and cross it off the list.