Windjammer Landing


I've finally arrived home after our trip to Saint Lucia! The little island is so amazing words can't even explain. The houses are so colorful and bright, the foliage is a whole palate of tropical greens I had never seen, there are mountains and hills everywhere, and everyone is so happy. 

We arrived on a Thursday night at the Windjammer Landing and once we settled in we went down to have dinner on the water and since we were on the Caribbean side of the island, we got to enjoy all the sunsets as well as the warm Caribbean Sea. During the day we mostly laid in the shade under the cabanas on the beach- I laid in the sun a few times but we were applying sunscreen so often and were in the shade so much I barely got any color (except for a little bit of red on my chest but that was gone the second we left the heat) but that is definitely how I like it now. I'm not trying to ruin my skin! I seriously cringe at the fact I used to lay out in the sun with nothing but spf 10... 


The second night we were in Saint Lucia we went to the town next to us, Gros Islet, because our local cab driver told us there would be a street party. There were a few streets that were blocked off and local vendors were selling amazing jerk chicken and other Caribbean cuisine, Pitons (the local beer), and strong rum punches. We danced all night long in the streets to island hip/hop that was blasting over loud speakers. There were locals and other tourists who had heard about the party, it was such a blast!
For most of the week, as I mentioned before, we lounged on the beach. There were hammocks out in the water that you could lay in but we never stayed more than 20 minutes in them because they were right out in the sun. Occasionally we would visit one of the beach bars where we would grab lunch or a drink. Every night we would have dinner either on the water or with a view of the water and every morning we would have breakfast next to the beach. In the later afternoons before we went in for a nap we would snorkel or kayak to get some exercise and it was free through the resort. The fish were amazing looking and I definitely might've slightly stressed out a few that I was stalking for quite some time... I've snorkeled in Florida before but this was a whole different experience...  Caribbean fish are just something else. 

Our trip was so relaxing and fun. The resort was amazing and had a little bit of a Mediterranean vibe to it. My favorite part was that every night there was some kind of live entertainment: steel drum bands, Caribbean bands, fire shows, etc. it was so much fun to sit at the bar down by the water and enjoy the warm breeze and music. Everywhere on the resort had a view of the ocean because it was all built up on a hill, but that also meant we got our fair share of exercise walking up and down those inclines. 

I'll do two more posts on my time in Saint Lucia: one on the coast lines because we actually traveled around the entire island to see the coasts and the rain forests, and another on the Botanical Gardens, Diamond Waterfall and Pitons in Soufrière. Both of these will have more pictures of the actual island and not our resort- but our resort was so wonderful I had to share!