Overnight Backpacking Trip on the Appalachian Trail

Although this hike was fun, it may have been one of the biggest hiking fails I've ever experienced. A few friends and I had planned to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail from about 10 miles south of the Manassas Gap Shelter all the way to Bears Den in Northern VA. 

The weekend we picked to start couldn’t have been more unfavorable. It was so humid it felt like we were walking through an endless cloud. In addition, it was also super hot so the humidity was unbearable. Occasionally it would start to drizzle, which only intensified the humidity.

 When we got to the shelter, the sun had come out and things were looking up for us. 

Unfortunately, the good weather didn't last long and it poured rain on all of our gear the whole night. When we got up in the morning the humidity was again, unbearable, and we realized that we picked the wrong weekend to do a sectional hike. This is an example to why its a good idea to check weather conditions before an overnight, weekend, or longer trip. After all the preparation, it was disheartening to have the trip ruined by the weather. 

Lessons learned: check the weather all the way up until the day before leaving! And bring bug spray...