Kayaking on the James


My friend and I went kayaking on my day off and it was the perfect upper body workout. We went to Browns Island to rent kayaks from Riverside Outfitter's Outpost. It was SO HOT but thankfully the humidity wasn't too bad (but seriously we were dripping sweat within 2 minutes). We paddled around for about an hour, occasionally fighting the upstream current but it was too darn strong and eventually we'd get swept down stream. After about half an hour of fighting the current we found a spot on the edge of the river under a tree and the shade was such a welcome relief. We paddled around some more then grounded ourselves on a rock in the middle of the river (last picture), hung our feet over the edges of our kayaks and watched people run across the Belle Isle bridge - I'm a creep I know. I love that Richmond is on a river, it provides so many activities and seriously Richmonder's are nuts about their river. On any given weekend there are hundreds of people flocking to the river to kayak, tube, paddleboard, swim, or just hang out. One Friday nights there are concerts on Brown's Island on the riverfront, and all summer long there are events beside the river. There are also paths all along the river so you can run beside it or take a nice walk. We're thinking next time we'll try out paddleboarding? But I have a feeling that's going to end with me in the water 50% of the time. Ha.