Hiking White Oak Canyon


I don’t know how this hike slipped my mind, but awhile ago I went on a hike with two friends to White Oak Canyon. The hike is usually done in a loop that includes both White Oak Canyon Trail as well as Cedar Run Hike.  We only hiked up the White Oak Canyon trail and back which has three major falls, and of course lots of smaller cascades. We went in the late fall after most of the leaves had fallen off the trees but it was still a beautiful hike. The waterfalls were gorgeous with beautiful clear water running over them. 

The whole time you’re hiking you can hear the running water, which is nice.  Also, there are a few opportunities for outlooks on your way up.  

For some reason we took the descent way too fast and I ended up barely being able to walk for a few days because my quads were so sore. Definitely learned my lesson, I haven't hiked that fast downhill since that experience. I would love to get back to White Oak Canyon to hike the waterfalls in the summer and maybe swim in them or go back in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. For more info about the whole White Oak Canyon/Cedar Run Loop go here.

Looking back through these pictures make me excited for hiking in the fall when the leaves start changing colors again. But hiking waterfalls in the summer is always a good idea because of the opportunity to cool off in the water when you get too hot from hiking.

Get outdoors!