Hiking Overall Run/Beecher Ridge

So, two weeks ago I finally got a job (yay!), but unfortunately that means my hiking and outdoor activities are severely limited to certain weekends (boo!). Depressing, I know, BUT it really makes me value my time outdoors. 

Although the beginning of this weekend was particularly rainy and overcast, I was determined to spend some time outdoors after spending a long week in the office.

Unfortunately Saturday was very rainy, but it cleared up overnight and we (my family and I) woke up to a beautiful morning and the perfect day to take a hike. We chose Overall Run/Beecher Ridge hike. It's located in the Shenandoah National Park and it's a loop hike, aka the type of hike I always mess up and get lost on. The hike was gorgeous (obviously, SNP is overall breathtaking). The trail was narrow in some parts, and wide in others, and changed constantly from rock, to dirt, to pine needles.... there was everything. The beginning was level and easy, but very quickly became a steep incline with lots of switchbacks that were super challenging. My sister was basically sprinting up the mountain while I was trailing behind her dying. But after that section, we arrived at the outlook and it was well worth being out of breath. There are two main outlooks, the first is a view of the Massanutten Mountain range and then the second is of a waterfall falling down into the valley below. A little farther down the trail, past those outlooks, there's a smaller set of falls that you can climb down to or just enjoy from above and we stopped there to have our lunch and rest. The rest of the loop was a pretty steady decline that meandered alongside Overall Run which is a creek for which the hike is named after.

If you look at the picture above close enough, you can kind of see the little trace of falling water down the middle of the cliff. You could definitely hear the water echoing off the rocks and splashing below. Because it was summertime, there wasn't much flowing water but I'm sure in the spring the falls are even more breathtaking.

We enjoyed our lunch by this little waterfall. Again, the waterfall didn't have much water flowing down it, but it was still so beautiful.

"The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness" -John Muir

(love his writing)

I know I say all the hikes I go on are "so beautiful/gorgeous/fantastic/etc..." BUT I'm telling you they really are. Living close to Shenandoah National Park and George Washington National Park is SO convenient because the possibilities for hiking are endless. Like I said before, my opportunities to go hiking are much more limited now that I have a job, so my goal is to dedicate at least every other weekend (or so) to doing something outdoors. Also fall is right around the corner which is absolutely, positively my FAVORITE season and I cannot wait to go hiking and be surrounded by the foliage and crisp cool air.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Always make time to go outdoors :)


OH and how could I forget. I just got a camera so I can start taking nice pictures on my hikes and not be forced to use my broken iPhone! All I need is a memory card and it'll be good to go. Maybe I'll have to get out next weekend to try it out.....