Hiking Old Rag Mountain

The other day I was thinking about hikes I haven't done since I was a kid and one that came to mind was Old Rag. I've heard so many times that it's sometimes miserable to attempt this hike on weekends because of the high volume of people. I also heard that sometimes you even have to wait in line to get through certain parts of the rock scramble. That didn't sound like my idea of a fun hike. However, it was a really beautiful weekday so I decided that I would give Old Rag a shot. I invited my best friend and we were on our way...

We got to the parking lot around 10:15 and there were only 20 other cars there (not bad at all). The hike up was challenging but it was such a great hike, I can see why it's so popular. The day was clear and sunny and surprisingly chilly on top of the mountain. We started off on the Ridge Trail, deciding to tackle the rock scramble first. The rock scramble was my absolute favorite part. I loved climbing all over the rocks... My arms and shoulders were so sore the next day because I had to lift myself up over everything because my legs are too short. Also, everything was so green on our hike. And I know, I know, vegetation is supposed to be green, but it was just unbelievable how vibrant all the colors were. The views, of course, were spectacular and we spent a little over half an hour laying up on the rocks and eating lunch. For our decent we took the Saddle Trail and then the fire road and we were so glad we did because it was easy and relaxing. Also, I love the sound of running water and there was a stream that flowed close to the trail for quite awhile. 

Overall I thought it was a great hike. I highly recommend it, but if you do decide to go make sure to get to the parking lot super early and do the Ridge Trail first so you have some solitude and so you can get through your hike without having to wait for other hikers. For more info go here.

Go on an adventure!