Hiking Mill Mountain


Last weekend I took a trip down to Roanoke for the first time to celebrate my best friend, Dee’s, birthday. I drove in after sunset so I wasn’t able to appreciate the bordering mountains, but the next morning it was fun to see how the city really has mountains surrounding it. In the morning, Dee, her boyfriend, her parents and I did a hike up to the Roanoke Star. The hike was called Mill Mountain hike and it was a short 3 miles. The trail definitely had some uphill to it but there were a lot of switchbacks that made the climb easier.  I didn’t dress smartly (dang you spring time) and ended up being way too hot in a thin long sleeve and leggings… Once you get to the top you can enjoy an extensive view of downtown Roanoke and the mountains past that. Dee showed me McAfee’s Knob (hiked it!), Carvin’s Cove, and Tinker Cliffs out in the distance and it was neat to see a bunch of different peaks from a different perspective. Also at the summit there’s the Roanoke Star, which is the world’s largest man-made, freestanding illuminated star. Pretty neat huh? And that thing really is pretty big. As I was driving in the night before I saw it for miles before I actually got into Roanoke. We hung out at the summit for awhile and went to a few different outlooks before we hiked back down, grabbed some lunch and visited a local brewery to have some yummy beers, play some corn hole, and enjoy the live band. If you ever happen to find yourself in Roanoke I highly recommend this hike! It’s short, easy, and definitely worth the views of Roanoke + seeing that big star. But I would definitely recommend hiking up and not driving up (which you can do).

Anyways, for more info on the hike up to Roanoke Star visit here. You’ll also see that they offer some other attractions such as a zoo.

Also shout out to Walkabout Outfitters, those guys were amazing. I got an awesome new pair of Sanuks, along with a Chaco bracelet (that I haven’t taken off ) and a bunch of free stickers as well as free shoe laces.  Plus I was able to have a good convo with the sales rep about my brand new Anti-Gravity Osprey Pack - he was psyched/jealous that I got it and I’ll definitely be letting him know how it holds up. Walkabout Outfitters also just opened up a store here in Richmond so I will 100% be frequenting them after my positive experience in Roanoke.