Hiking Laurel Run

Today I got the day off from work and I thought to myself, "Jess, the weather is beautiful, lets go hiking!" I then proceeded to find a fun looking hike only an hour and a half away and set out to have a wonderful day outdoors with my Mom. The parking area is very small and the hike is very secluded. We didn't see a single other person while we were hiking, which was nice, but also kinda eerie. We started up on the hike and the beginning was beautiful. The foliage was colorful and perfect, and crossing through the few mountain fields was a nice mix-up to the usual forest only trails I'm use to.

The directions for the hike explained that once you turn onto the North Mountain Trail, it's only .7 miles to a side trail that takes you to an outlook. We came up to what probably is the main vista but didn't stop to enjoy the view for very long because we were occupied with looking for the "white blazed side trail" which ended up not even existing. So we kept hiking, and we did come upon many little vistas because you're basically hiking along the ridge-line of the mountain so that was nice.

You trek uphill a little while longer before turning onto a purple blazed trail at which you begin to steeply descend. Once we finally got back down to the road and as we were walking back to the parking lot, we saw a bald eagle! So that was pretty cool.

For more on this hike go here. The hike was absolutely beautiful.

If you're lucky enough to get a day off in the next few weeks, get outdoors! Fall is seriously such a great time to get some fresh air and get away from everything. Hope everyone has a greeeeattttt weekend :)