Hiking Doyles River & Jones Run

IMG_0407 2.png

Stunning. If I had to sum up the hike in one word that would be it. On hikingupward.com, out of a 1-5, this hike got a 6 for waterfalls and streams and I completely understand why. The whole hike is nothing but waterfalls, cascades and mountain rivers. It was amazing. My mom came down to visit me for my two days off with the dog and we had some quality girl time. We visited Legend Brewing Co. which is a brewery on the other side of the river in Richmond with a fantastic view of Richmond's little skyline. Then we spent a day hiking in SNP. We parked in the Browns Gap parking area and ended up doing the 6.6-7 mile hike backwards. When we got to the parking lot it was 74 degrees and so chilly. I threw on a long sleeve shirt because I was that cold. However, once we started hiking down in the gorge it got so much hotter and I had to take it off. I was already so sore because I had worked out my legs the day before and I'm not kidding when I say I couldn't even feel my legs a mile into the hike (but it was still worth every step). 

The first 1.3 miles of the hike was on a fire road that had quite a few butterflies fluttering about and tons of flowers and berries lining either side. After that first mile, you come to the upper falls (first picture) and from that point on you're hiking from waterfall to waterfall and along the river. Also along the hike there are a few hidden paths that will take you to the most beautiful little swimming holes. We stopped at one and let Ela off the leash so she could swim around and she was bounding all over the place because she was so excited. She's only ever swam in the river so this was something new for her and she was in heaven. 

We only passed a few other people on the hike which was unusual because every website says this is an insanely popular hike in the park. But we were hiking on a Tuesday afternoon so that's probably why we didn't see too many other people. For more info on this hike go here.  

I'm thinking I might go on another hike this weekend? But who knows. This is my first weekend off on day shifts and I'm really just trying to relax. I love my job so so SO SO... SO much but oh my gosh can it be exhausting!

I hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July weekend!