Gear Review: Equip Travel Hammock

Equip 1-Person Hammock | Equip 2-Person Hammock

Update from April 2017: This hammock is still going strong! No tears, rips or wear on it. The only signs of wear are a little bit of rust on the hooks you hang it with. Otherwise, nada!

What I love:

  • I love that this hammock is compact enough to fit into my day pack for hiking. 
  • The material is soft and you can make the hammock really skinny or stretch it out and fit two people into it... My boyfriend and I can both fit comfortably in it but it's definitely a snuggle :) I have the one person hammock. I'm sure the two person has much more room.
  • The set up is simple: unroll the hammock, wrap both of the hanging ropes around trees or whatever else is supportive enough and then hook the loops at the ends of the hammock to the hanging kit. 
  • It dries really fast so you don't have to worry about lugging around a soaking wet hammock.
  • It's cheap!

What I don't love: 

  • The pouch that you put it in is attached to the actual hammock so it's sometimes difficult to shove it back into the pocket.
  • The material isn't as lightweight as more expensive brands so it may not be ideal if you're on an ultralight backpacking trip. 

Overall: This hammock is great. It's portable, wicks away moisture and can be hung up in a matter of minutes. Plus it's an absolute steal for $25 from Walmart. I wouldn't recommend this for an overnight hiking/backpacking trip or on a long hiking trip because it's a little too heavy and not worth the extra weight. But I would recommend taking it camping, hiking, or just out to a park to lounge around in!