Gear Review: Chaco Z/1 Unaweep Sandals 👍

Well, it's been about two years since I bought these things so I thought I'd do an updated gear review on them. * UPDATED JUNE 2017*

What I like: I love the traction you get in these, even after two years they still stick to moss and do well on hikes. They're durable, absorb shock and work amazing as a camp shoe (although a little heavy if you're backpacking). They haven't faded the least bit, have stomped through mud, been caught in storms and are worn regularly to run errands. Great for fly fishing and I almost always bring them every time we go.

What I don't like: I already mentioned I don't like how heavy they are only when I'm backpacking. I usually opt to bring my Tevas as camp shoes instead to avoid the extra weight. They also give a mean blister if you hike in them without socks for any distance over a mile (my Tevas do the same).

Overall: I love these shoes. They have their pros in cons but overall its a good, sturdy, durable pair of sandals that will last you a lifetime.