Fly Fishing the Tye River


Skunked again!
Not the best two words to start off a post about a day spent fly fishing but hey, it's the truth. Michael and I had plans to hike last Sunday but the weather was calling for frigid temperatures in the mountains so we decided to stay down in the valley where it would be a little warmer and go fly fishing. We've been out to the Tye River once before and know what a popular fly fishing location it is. The river runs down from a very popular hiking destination (with some gorrrgeous waterfalls), Crabtree Falls. However, each time we go to a river for a second time we try to find some new holes and secret little spots. Unlucky for us, a lot of anglers had the same idea and trucks and SUVs were found dotted alongside the road beside the river signaling an angler had recently fished that section. Regardless, we found a few spots and even did a bit of off-roading (woooo!) to try and discover new holes. The fish weren't biting; we tried streamers, we tried dry flies, we tried much more. We watched mayflies dance over deep holes where trout usually happily rise to the surface to meet them, but we saw nothing. We came to the conclusion that the river had been over-fished and the trout were skittish and not hungry. (If you don't know much about fly fishing I will tell you the first thing I learned was trout are skittish!)We got to the river around 11 and fished until 3 and I think we learned our lesson and we will be getting an earlier start if we want to avoid the fish being spooked. Nonetheless it was a beautiful, chilly spring day and wading in the river and practicing long casts is always a welcome way to spend an afternoon.
I swear this is not turning into a fly fishing blog but spring time is just oh-so-fun with all the different hatches. Learning how to fly fish, all the terminology, all the different flies, all the ways you can cast, etc... has been SO much fun! Michael promised me we'll do some more hikes and in 9 short days we'll be headed out to Tennessee where we'll do plenty of hiking to make up for all the weekends we've gone fly fishing instead.