Fly Fishing on the Rapidan River


One of my boyfriend's hobbies is fly fishing (how cool is that?) and recently he mentioned that he hadn't gone fishing in over a year. I immediately decided that he had to go to Bear Church Rock with me because it was by far one of my favorite places I've ever visited and it would be the perfect location to combine our two hobbies. Also, because this is one of my favorite locations/hikes, I really wanted to make a second visit to see the area in the fall. So, last Saturday we headed down to Bear Church Rock to spend some time hiking around and fishing.

It was a really beautiful day. Partly cloudy, low 70's, crisp, clear, cool - perfect. We hiked beside the Rapidan River and didn't turn off to hike beside the Staunton River because the Rapidan River is wider and we thought it would (maybe?) be a better river to catch trout in. Be warned - a little ways down the Rapidan River Trail, you'll have to cross a pretty wide section of a creek that flows into the river. After walking up the river for awhile, we started to pick out different spots that could potentially be good for catching fish. 

The last spot we stopped at (last pictures) he had some luck, as you can see! He caught three or four little brook trout and they were so pretty. I've always thought that trout are beautiful fish, but this was the first time I'd ever seen a brook trout in person (I've only seen rainbow trout before). Also, it was so fun to watch him fly fish. The motion of it seemed so relaxing and the sport overall is very interactive and interesting. I didn't want to learn that day because the area is pretty confined and knowing me, I would get that line caught in a tree in 5 seconds. Plus, I wanted him to have some time to enjoy himself since he hadn't been fly fishing in so long. I spent a lot of time messing with my camera, which I still don't understand.

This weekend I'm camping in George Washington National Park with Michael and a few of my favorite people and I- Cannot- Wait! I think this weekend will be one of the peak weekends for foliage in VA, so if you have the opportunity, go outside and do something!