Exploring Lake Moomaw


Hi guys. So I finally got to go to Lake Moomaw. I found this place while stalking around on Google Earth and it was recommended to me several times by some of my followers. I've been so freaking excited for this trip!! Michael took the day off after being gone for a week on a business trip and we made the three hour trek out towards West Virginia. I would be lying if I said I didn't kinda cry when we got there. It is so beautiful. I didn't even feel like I was in Virginia and words really can't describe this lake (or pictures for that matter). We spent some time driving around the lake, checking out the different campsites, wandering around on the beaches and I even got in to take a dip- the water was wonderful. SO here are some resources to help you plan your own trip to Lake Moomaw.

How To Get There

Lake Moomaw is located in western Virginia basically on the border of West Virginia in the George Washington National Forest. We only explored the north end and west side of the lake. Coordinates for the outlook on the north end of the lake are 37.989447, -79.958353 (first picture) and coordinates for Cole's Point which is located at the southern end of the lake are 37.947829, -79.969149. From Washington DC it takes about 4 hours, from Richmond it takes about 3 hours, from Roanoke it takes about 2 hours and from Virginia Beach it takes about 5 hours.


There are three campgrounds surrounding the lake. Bolar Mountain Campground is located on the northwest side of the lake and you can pull/park right next to all the campsites. This is the biggest campsite at the lake with bathrooms, electrical hookups, beaches, plalygrounds and more. Greenwood Point Campground is located on the south side of the lake and you have to hike three miles to get down to it- it's very primitive. Morris Hill Campground is to the southeast of the lake and you can pull/park right next to all the campsites.


This map shows a lot of the hiking around the lake. The trails are denoted by little dotted brown lines that run all alongside the lake. Lake Moomaw Hike is one of the hikes which also serves as a guide to the Greenwood Point Campgound and has some awesome views of the lake from a little bit higher up.


There are three boat launches at the lake and there's a marina. Bolar Flats Boat Launch is at the northern end of the lake and this is also where the Bolar Flats Marina is located. At the marina you can rent boats, pontoons, kayaks and canoes. Coles Point Boat Ramp is located at the southeast end of the lake. Fortney Branch Boat Ramp is located at the very southern tip of the lake.


The reservoir is deep enough for both warm water fish and cold water fish. Fish include alewife, trout (brown, rainbow and brook), black bass, yellow perch, panfish, catfish, chain pickerel, black crappie, rock bass and sunfish. Make sure to have a fishing permit and if trout fishing around the lake CHECK and make sure you're not on private property to avoid getting some hefty fines. Additional google searches will tell you everything you need to know about fishing at Lake Moomaw.