Exploring Calf Mountain


So this post was originally supposed to be "Hiking Humpback Rocks" but when we got to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the road was closed because of how insanely thick the fog was and there was no way we were getting to the trailhead. So instead we turned around and headed north on Skyline Drive and decided to hike a portion of Calf Mountain which is located in the southern section of Shenandoah National Park.... one of my faves. Like I said before the fog was super thick however, along the mountain top there were breaks in the fog so we got to look out on the Shenandoah Valley and see the fog literally rolling over and off the mountain tops which was really cool. When we got to the parking area (Beagle Gap) we crossed Skyline Drive and started hiking south along the Appalachian Trail. Usually this hike would immediately bring you to multiple outlooks but with the dense fog, we really couldn't see anything. We hiked along the Appalachian Trail for about 1.5-2 miles before turning around and heading back because the fog clearly wasn't going to lift anytime soon. We decided to go up to Calf Mountain Outlook and all the sudden we were out of the fog and into the light. The view was absolutely breathtaking and well worth hiking however long through the fog. We stayed at the outlook for quite awhile to watch the fog roll off the mountains and enjoy lunch (as well as observe some interesting people that decided to stop by). About 25 minutes after getting to the top, the fog slowly started to work its way towards us and we started to notice wisps of it gradually starting to blow by. We decided to pack up and call it a day because after enjoying a view that beautiful it would be a bummer to just watch the fog again.
Also we both hiked with our Camelbak backpacks which we are obsessed with. Mine is pretty old and actually from my dad - he got it when he biked New Zealand (so cool I know). Dee's backpack is brand new and I think seeing it may have convinced me to maybe get a newer one... the new design is perfect for not crushing your hiking snacks/sandwiches and the drinking spout clips to your pack which is just too cool. 

Although the day didn't go as planned, the hike was fun and the view was even better. Also I kind of like it when things happen unexpectedly! I really want to start hiking in more "unfavorable" conditions such as fog and rain because I think there are some perks that come with it (like getting to the top and seeing an unexpected view), and I want to be able to appreciate getting outdoors even if it's wet and muggy. Good thing spring is full of rain showers :)