Camping in Harpers Ferry


I can't remember the last time I went camping for fun (maybe third grade?). So when my boyfriend said that he had some extra time to come up for a night to hang out, I thought camping would be a fun get-away. I decided to book with Harper's Ferry Campground and as you can see we got a riverfront site. It was so picturesque to have the river meandering by and every once in awhile a huge fish would jump and splash at the surface. Each site has a fire pit, a picnic bench and lots of trees for shade :) We got so lucky and the people who rented the site next to us never showed up so it was very quiet and private. I especially loved that the campsite had showers and legitimate bathrooms so if you decided to go for a swim (the river is super deep and great for swimming) then you have a way to wash off afterwards.  

The website warns you that there is a train that runs right beside the campsite and there's part of the Harper's Ferry Adventure Zip-line that goes over certain lots, but I knew neither of those things would bother us. I love trains and having one come through every so often was cool. It never blew its horn, you would just feel the vibrations in the ground as it rumbled by. The zip-line tour only lasted until 5:00 pm and you barely noticed them as they were zipping above the trees. 

Later in the afternoon, the river got as still as a pond and the reflection from all the trees was breathtaking. We barely saw any people out on the river. We saw one person in a canoe paddling up to his campground, and one paddleboarder out enjoying the late afternoon.

Michael made the best BBQ chicken that he had let marinate for a whole day ahead of time with some grilled veggies and onions. Even though he only had his portable grill (which can be tricky to cook on) he nailed it and the chicken was juicy and delicious. Add some wine with berries and voila! we had ourselves a perfect camp-side meal. The tent I brought is technically a one and a half person tent, aka a spacious one person tent or cozy two person tent... we packed it with blankets and a big sleeping pad so we were cozy even when the temperature dipped down to 58 degrees! 

Michael found this little guy trying to crawl under our tent after he had just emerged from his cocoon (he's great at spotting stuff like that). So we picked him up and put him on the picnic table, and to our amazement, his wings began to unfold right before our eyes! We cracked a few beers and sat back and as we were talking, this little guy went from having no wings to the most unbelievably beautiful wings.... and it only took about half an hour! After his wings popped open he sat there for a long, long time. He must've left sometime in the night because when we woke up, he was gone. Seriously such a unexpected experience.

Overall I thought the campsite was great. It's quiet (except for the occasional train), spacious and in a really enjoyable location. The manager came to greet us and let us know that he was out of firewood (the fact that they even have it around is so nice) but he had a few bags of ice in case we needed more. Needless to say the site had great hospitality. If we go again, we would book earlier and try to get one of the sites that has a more open view of the river and we would bring fishing stuff and canoes to go out and explore. For information about the campsite go here.

Camping is definitely something that I would like to keep doing more regularly. Even though it was just one night, it was so worth it to get away from everything and relax outdoors.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!