Blackwater Falls State Park (Frozen!)


We decided to take a visit to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia because the weather said it was going to be sunny with a high of 45 degrees.... good enough for me! This was a bit of a trek because the park was two and a half hours away from home but it was well worth the drive. As you can see, the mountains in WVA are big, beautiful, and never-ending which made for a beautiful, scenic drive. 

When we arrived to the trailhead we could hear the roar of the water which was exciting. To get to the falls you take a path + a ton of stairs down to the canyon that the waterfalls runs through. There are multiple viewing platforms that offer different angles and views of the falls. It's amazing. Everything was so icy and shiny, it looked fake! Blackwater Falls is a 60 foot (about 5 stories) waterfall that is absolutely breathtaking. It's named "Blackwater" because the water appears to be very dark: "black" water is a result of tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles that live near and around the river. We stayed at the falls for awhile enjoying the view and chatting with other people around (Ella gets a lot of attention when we take her places and people always want to know about her). Also, this park is so dog friendly. There were dogs everywhere and almost every group of people there had a dog, or two, or three! 

After Blackwater Falls we decided to hang out at the Trading Post and eat our Subway that we brought. We then headed over to the Blackwater Falls Lodge. From there, you can go on the Elakala Trail to see Elakala Falls. This waterfall is smaller than Blackwater Falls but it's so beautiful and the trail goes right over the top of the waterfall which is super cool.

Next on our list was hiking out to Lindy Point which I have been dying to do for so long now. But, about two miles away from the trailhead there was a huge sign in the middle of the road that announced the road was closed due to poor road conditions, aka too much snow. I wanted to cry! At least we got to see the two waterfalls and got to enjoy a beautiful winter day outside. I suppose we got to see some pretty awesome mountains on our drive to and from the park... but I still wanted to see that particular outlook :(

I'm definitely already planning on going back to this park in the summer and my sister and I are planning a weekend backpacking trip that goes through little bits of this park. There's so much to do: camping, cabins, a lake, rivers, fishing, waterfalls, hiking, lots of cross country skiing trails, and even a petting zoo!

For more info on the park go here.


I must say I'm pretty impressed with how much I've been getting outdoors this winter... Is it just me or have we been getting some warmer days? But, "warmer" or not, I'm over the cold. Over it. I want spring so bad but we still have quite a ways to go.