Bears Den

A pretty popular hiking spot in Western Loudoun is Bears Den. Bears Den is a short side trail off of the Appalachian Trail, right across Route 7 from the drop-in point for Raven Rocks. I hesitate to even call it a hike because from the lower parking area off of Route 7 the hike up to the top is about half a mile (maybe even less) and it's very mellow. There is also the option to park at their upper parking lot in which case the walk to the outlook is only .15 miles (or less). From the lower parking area, the trail is flat with a few small inclines and makes for a nice, relaxing walk. It would be a great little hike if you had small children or if you wanted to get a taste of what hiking is like, although keep in mind that most trails are a little more difficult than Bears Den. Or if you were a more experienced hiker, it would be a great location to try out trail running. But anyways... one Friday, two of my friends and I decided to go up to the top to watch the sunset. Unfortunately for us, the horizon was too cloudy and we didn't end up seeing much of a sunset, but it was nice to be up on the mountain and to enjoy the view.

^^ I don't usually wear sandals and blue jean shorts when I hike but this is such a short and easy hike so I got away with it

^^ you can see Route 7 from the overlook


^^ I promise I'm wearing pants, my shirt was just a tad bit long

There's not much information about this little hike on Hiking Upward mainly because it really isn't considered a hike at all. However, if you want more information on the Bears Den Recreational Area and additional hiking you can do in the area, go here. These little walks are such a great way to get outdoors and enjoy a sunset or a view without having to break a sweat. Search for easily accessible outlooks in your area to get a similar experience! Also, Buzzard Hill Hike is a 9 mile sister hike to Raven Rocks and starts at the Bears Den Parking area. Find more info here.

This weekend the rain is finally supposed to clear up so my boyfriend and are are going to revisit Bear Church Rock, but instead of hiking we're going to go fly fishing! 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend :)