Products to Help Protect Your Skin Against the Dry Winter


Well, it's winter time which means the air is colder and much, much drier (for most the country at least). While I don't mind the cold air I do mind all the side effects that come with the dryness. Cracked heels, dry patches, scaly shins, chapped lips, cracked hands, lifeless (and static-y) hair. Just a hard NO to all the above. On Instagram I did a survey and over 2,000 people responded with a majority reporting that they also deal with all the issues I listed above. I don't suffer from everything mentioned, but I do battle quite a few things. Personally I deal with chapped lips, a dry-ass face, dry patches on my arms, dry skin on my legs and a sensitive scalp; you could say I deal with my fair share of winter skin issues and they are greatly exasperated when I spend a lot of time outdoors! While I can cure a lot of my dry skin with a good, thick lotion, some other issues have not been so easily quelled. So, here is my list of products that I use during the winter months (some I use year round) to battle the dry weather! (Some of the products are repeats from my last post, My Favorite Beauty Products to Repair My Damaged Skin and Hair After Adventures.) Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to check out all the recommendations I got via Instagram!!! There were seriously so many and they were all awesome!

Earth Science Olive & Avocado Hair Masque $10


This is the BEST hair mask you will ever find. I use this mask weekly but now that it's gotten drier out and my scalp has gotten a bit drier as well I've started really using this as a hair mask and massaging it into my scalp. The fatty olive and avocado oils help restore the moisture on my scalp and make my hair so incredibly soft. I cannot recommend this product enough!!


Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil $10


I was so hesitant to start putting oil on my face but after doing a ton of research I felt comfortable enough that Moroccan Argan Oil had a small enough molecular size to really soak into my skin without clogging my pores. Thankfully I was right and I've been using it ever since (and rosehip oil). No matter how dry my face gets between hot showers and dry air, this oil always rejuvenates my skin and leaves it looking plump and hydrated. I have extremely sensitive facial skin, so many things break me out, but this oil really does the trick. I use one pump and massage it in my finger tips before spreading it evenly over my face. A little bit goes a long ways!

This is also my trick for getting silky looking hair. I pump a little bit into my finger tips, massage it and then run it through the ends of my hair. You would think it would make your hair look oily but I promise it doesn't, don't believe me? Just try it! Your hair will look so silky and be so soft afterwards, just make sure to not put it on your scalp or it may end up looking a litttleeee greasy.


Green Goo Dry Skin Stick $15


This is a miracle stick! I used to get really bad dry patches on my arms and little red bumps here and there as well. I used this stick on those areas and now they are completely gone. No joke. So now whenever I have really dry skin that just won't go away, I use this stick for a week or so and the area usually always clears up!! Michael also uses this on his cracked, bloody knuckles in the winter and it seriously repairs his hands. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It also comes in a jar as well (just discovered that while trying to find a link for y'all!)


Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion Maximum $10


This has been my go-to body lotion for about 8 years now. My mom discovered this lotion and bought me a bottle and it's worked so well I've never looked for anything else. I use it on my whole body minus my face and neck. It really does a great job restoring my skin and battling dryness. Also, if you use it consistently it does a great job repairing your skin as well. It will take away little, minor dry patches but for more intense dry areas use the Green Goo Stick I recommended above!


Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask $56


I don't trust face masks because they almost always make be break out for some reason. However, during the winter months this face mask is so necessary and so gentle on my skin. Plus it's a lot of fun to use! Start with a clean face and be sure to use a toner as well. After you've prepped your face, take a generous amount of the face mask and put it all over your face and neck (don't put it in your eyes or mouth- duh) and then gently massage the mask into your face for 2-3 minutes. I always do longer because facial massages feel so good. The mask will transform into a silky lather. After you massage let the mask sit on your face for an additional 10-15 minutes and then gently wash it off with warm water. It's important that you never use hot water to wash your face! Your face will be left feeling soft and refreshed. If your skin is extra dry you may want to put on a deep conditioning lotion and sleep on all that. My face personally can't handle thick lotions so I use the Moroccan oil I mentioned above!

I also use...

So these next three products are by Dr. Dennis Gross. They're a little bit more expensive but I have been using them pretty religiously for the last year and they have worked wonders on my skin. I haven't been using them as much now that it's winter (except the Alpha Beta Peel) because the moisturizer isn't quite deep enough for my dry winter skin and the Ferulic + Retinol cream dries out my skin a little bit. But here they are if you're interested. I highly recommend Dr. Gross's line - he's incredibly knowledgeable and so passionate about helping people have healthy skin!

Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel $88! (usually $108)


The Universal Daily Peel is what I use instead of a traditional exfoliater. Exfoliators have always seriously aggravated my skin not to mention they're really not good to use! They create micro-tears in your skin and that allow bacteria and other gunk to get into your pores and clog them. This peel uses exfoliating acids in the first step to gently remove oil, clean pores and get rid of dead skin cells. The second step neutralizes the acids and has anti-aging moisturizers to nourish your skin. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


I really like both of these lotions but if I had to pick one over the other I would pick the Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion. The Ferulic + Retinol Moisturizer is also great but it's a little bit drying to my skin. If I use these products together I use the retinol before the hyaluronic moisturizer. I really, really loved using the Hyaluronic moistuire cushion this last year but now that it's so dry out it doesn't quite cut it as a deep moisturizer. I tried a few other brands (samples thank God, moisturizers can get really expensive!) but none worked so I'm sticking with my Moroccan oil!

Follower's Recommendations!

(Click each Instagram handle to go to their page & Scroll to the bottom to shop all the recommendations)

@suertedia - "Vaseline Intensive Lip Care in a white bottle with blue cap. It's the only thing that unchaps my lips! Also Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter and Burts Bees nighttime lotion!.... I have tried a lot of nighttime lotions but I've used this one for a long time because it doesn't make me greasy or cause acne!"

@thewifeaquatic_ - "My hands are always SO SO bad. But I started using a product called Bloody Knuckles and it works so well. Supposedly it's what they put in boxers hands haha!"

@skylerd - "Hawaiian Moon Aloe Cream – I got this for my fiance last winter for her hands. She loves it and I actually use it too. Great on sun burnt heads!"

@lweissen - "Bag Balm – to protect hands and skin. Also jojoba oil - it's pretty dry and absorbs quickly and easily."

@naturallywildphotography – "Udderly Smooth Cream is great for dry skin in the winter. It's super light and not greasy which is what I like. I also use a variety of locally made, organic chapsticks. My favorite right now is stuff my aunt makes with her brand Willow Creek  Creations."

@ewiechert - " Sea Salt Hand Creme by Kala"

@kailawalton - "Curly Wurly shampoo by lush for hair and scalp moisture. I just bought it like a week ago and I already see a huuuge difference. In camp the water is hard and dries out my hair so this shampoo keep in the moisture."

@woosavannah "I make my own body butter and my own chapstick and it is a GAME CHANGER. My body butter has all the good oils in it (shea, cocoa, coconut, almond, avocado, jojoba, beeswax + essential oils). But technically you don't need all of those. I've never found a store bought lotion/body butter/chapstick that does it as good. I recommend a mix of shea, cocoa, coconut & beeswax at the least!"

If this is you please let me know! - "doTERRA essential oils... I use tea tree & lavender in my shampoo to help my scalp and do DIY products for lotion and chapstick with coconut oil and shea butter."

@agrotophorst - "Vaseline lip therapy just helped me survive a week at home/Connecticut now that I'm used to humid swamp SC climates."

@ernjr6878 - "I did have hand issues in the past at a place I worked. I used Gojo Hand Medic. Don't know if you can get it retail but it was awesome!"

@backcountryemily - "I just got some Mom's Stuff Salve in the mail and my hands are still soft even through two hand washes today! I can't wait to use it more- the online reviews are amazing and just after using it today, I can see why!"

@wrharrisii - "Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream is the best non-Rx cream for me. I've used it 40+ years in Virginia."

@yogelisee - "I use Joshua Tree Lip Balm on my lips and "Aura Glow" from the Edgar Cayce foundation (in Virginia Beach)."

@elisee11 - "Working hands is AMAZING. I put it on [dry cracked hands] before I go to bed and it's completely better by the morning"

@schmidtty5_0 - "Aveeno is the best stuff in my opinion. Doesn't leave an oily residue feeling and doesn't burn if your hands are dried out really bad. I've used men's Dove before and it burned every time I applied it."

@charislogia - "Smith's Rosebud Salve (the best), coconut oil and shea butter... I use the salve on my hands, cuticles and sometimes lips. Coconut oil and shea butter I use everywhere. it can get a bit heavy for my face though. I'll use coconut oil or shea butter on my feet at night as well. I get cracked heels every winter."

@geoterp - "Yes! Strongly recommend Burt's Bees ultimate care hand cream with baobab oil for very dry skin."

@shada17_ - "Aquaphor Healing Ointment is great for chapped lips!"

@emward - "Lorains Honeyed Lips is soooo great. It's my friends business and their home recipe is made with all natural ingredients and it has saved my lips!"

@m_saenz_ - "Tubby Tood Bath Co 100% Natural All Over Ointment - That ointment is the best and I use it on all my nasty scaly spots! I bought it for my son's eczema but now I use it too."

Thank you to everyone who participated in our little survey and/or sent some recommendations over. All these products are so awesome!