13 Things

  1. The other weekend we had THREE Friendsgivings/Thanksgivings (two with friends and one with Michael’s family). We've already gotten a few Christmas party invitations too!! I’m so thankful we have so many awesome friends! ... and I love the holiday season!
  2. We have a BRIGHT orange/red/yellow tree right outside our apartment and since we’re on the second story the leaves are right in our windows and it’s been so gorgeous the last week! (Okay wrote this last week and now all the leaves are gone, womp)
  3. I’m super excited for the end of 2017… 2017 wasn’t a bad year at all for me but then again, nothing exciting happened so I’m really looking forward to 2018.
  4. We've gotten out all our Christmas stuff and started decorating but we'll be getting our tree on Sunday!
  5. I’m done with all my Christmas shopping and have been since before Thanksgiving! I love to spread out my shopping so I’m not slammed with expenses and mildly in debt to begin the new year. Plus now I don’t have to deal with holiday shopping crowds!
  6. Speaking of holiday shopping crowds… I’ve never been Black Friday shopping and this year was no exception. You could not PAY ME to do that, I’m more of a Cyber Monday type of gal. It’s also a huge bummer to me that some stores opened ON Thanksgiving, like chill ppl.
  7. I’ve also already finished addressing all our Christmas cards. I’m really on top of my Christmas ish this year.
  8. This fall weather has been perfect for runs. I feel like fall is really the only time of year I go for so many runs outside… or it’s just when I’m the happiest running outside.
  9. I really need to start going to yoga more, I’ve been seriously slacking.
  10. I bought a few new sweaters online and was SO excited because they were cute and so darn cheap. Got them in the mail today, definitely made in a sweatshop somewhere in Asia. Ugh. No wonder they were so cheap.
  11. I went home for two days and got to see my best friend from high school and spend some time with the fam! It was super short trip home, but super sweet.
  12. I've kinda been MIA from blogging and social media so I'm sorry for that! I've just been slacking all year on this blog so I figured instead of trying to post new content I'm going to save up a few posts and start on track in the new year.
  13. Michael brought home the coolest stump and cross section from a magnolia tree his grandparents cut down and he's making a table out of them! I love how crafty he is, he also totally restored an old dresser he found and it's now in our bedroom.

Happy Holidays everyone! Sorry we'll be MIA (maybe I'll post a few things?) but we'll really start back up in 2018!