8 Things: Adirondacks

I wrote this post about a month ago while we were in the Adirondacks and never published it so here it is now!

  1. Our first night camping we were right beside a creek that flowed out of the lake beside our campsite. Early in the morning I listened to loons singing to each other on the water. It was so peaceful.
  2. Michael and I watched a heron fishing on a little creek in the woods. I've seen tons of herons throughout my life but never one fishing and flying through deeply wooded areas. It was pretty cool.
  3. We got really lucky and it got overcast for our last few days in the Adirondacks. You may not think that's lucky but fall colors pop so vibrantly when it's overcast. The landscape turned neon and I was in love.
  4. We also both love it when it rains when we're camping because the sound of rain on a tent is therapeutic to us or something. We got lucky and it rained one morning on us and we got to cuddle in the sleeping bags and listen to the rain.
  5. All the little towns that are in the mountains are so cute. We'd stop at coffee shops and bakeries to get treats. No one seemed to mind the fact that we obviously hadn't showered in days.
  6. We had the Indian Head overlook to ourselves on our hike and it was incredible. Well, technically for the first few minutes there was another couple that was wrapping their time up but then it was just us. We walked around the lower cliffs and the wind was whipping around us. It's probably one of my favorite views on the east coast now.
  7. My favorite temperature range is like 50-55 degrees during the day and 40-45 at night and that's exactly what it was like while we were up there and I was SO happy. I may be one of the few people that loves some cold weather.
  8. Everyone we saw was so happy and excited to be in the Adirondacks. There were french speaking Canadians down from Montreal, lots of young adults in groups with backpacks and little families with wobbly-legged children. That's one of my favorite parts about hiking, you rarely come across someone who isn't happy to be outside.