Gear Review: Good To-Go


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Backpacking food might be the most important gear you pack (KIDDING!), but WE LOVE FOOD! Seriously we swear everything tastes better when we're in the back country after a long day of 10+ miles. Nothing is better than peeling off your boots and socks and kicking back to relax and make some breakfast/lunch/dinner. Michael and I have tried a lot of brands of backpacking food in the last year. On short trips, backpacking food doesn't really matter that much to us but for longer, multiple night trips we really like to bring as healthy of food as we can. Introducing Good To-Go, & we'll cut straight to our gear review:


What we loved:

  • The food is made with healthy, wholesome ingredients and all their food is vegetarian and they even have some vegan options. We're not vegetarians or vegans but it's good to have veggies.
  • It tastes SO good and doesn't have crazy amount of sodium. You know when you eat some backpacking food and you can just feel your stomach expand? That isn't the case with this stuff.
  • The options are FUN! Bibimbap? Pad Thai? Indian Korma? YUMMM. The flavors are the bomb and it's definitely a great mix up from the usual beef stroganoff. My favorite is the Bibimbap and Michael's favorite is the Mushroom Risotto.
  • It doesn't make you constipated - we don't think we need to explain this one... HA!


What we didn't love:

  • We'd love to see this food be USDA & non GMO certified. As far as we're concerned (we could be wrong!) this food is not certified. While we know that the ingredients are wholesome, we still like to know that our food is at the very least, GMO free.
  • The price. This food will put a bigger hole in your pocket compared to other brands but then again, you're paying for quality so it's worth it.

Overall we definitely recommend this food. While it is a bit pricey, it's great quality and you should at the very least buy a few packs of the vegetarian options to bring and add some fiber and vitamins into your daily meals.

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