I'm Over This Social Media Cleanse...

A fitting picture of me on my phone no? Michael snapped this while I was pausing to try and get a text through to my brother on his birthday.

A fitting picture of me on my phone no? Michael snapped this while I was pausing to try and get a text through to my brother on his birthday.

A few bloggers I follow have recently done social media breaks and I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to an entire month without social media, not really understanding what that was going to mean for me.

Before starting the social media cleanse I really didn’t think I used it that much. I have an Instagram for my blog that I use regularly to post content and to look at other outdoor accounts; I have a Facebook for my blog which I never get on other than to post blog posts and then I have a personal Instagram that I spend most my time on. So basically I have one social media account for me, my personal Instagram because I got rid of my Facebook over a year ago for other reasons (also, I don't miss FB at all). 

Honestly it’s been really hard (is that embarrassing to admit?). I’ve only been doing it for a week but I can tell you the first few days were the roughest. I found myself mindlessly clicking on my Instagram app only to realize what I was doing when the sign-on screen popped up instead of my feed. Every time this happened I genuinely wished I knew what my passwords were (I had Michael change the passwords for both accounts) so I could just scroll through the feeds. I found myself opening the app at home while hanging out, at work when I wanted “a break” and even when I was in the car stopped at long red lights! After 24 hours I deleted the app off my phone because I was tired of mindlessly opening it but I found myself mindlessly scrolling between my screens looking for it even when it wasn’t there! In those first few days I realized how much time I spent on the app without really thinking about it.

The hardest thing for me was during that first week (last week) we were on a backpacking/hiking/camping trip in the Adirondacks and I couldn’t share my adventures on my blog’s Instagram stories or any pictures on my feeds, both private and public. I love sharing my trips on my blog’s insta because I always get a ton of messages, comments and emails with questions and suggestions from followers. I love meeting new people via social media! Although we did do an Instagram takeover for The Outbound, I had absolutely zero access to my personal accounts and therefore I couldn't scroll through the feeds like I normally do or answer any messages I may have received. (I would also like to add that when I did the takeover for The Outbound, I only got onto their account to post our story. I wasn’t scrolling around or looking at other content, I stuck to what I needed to do… and Michael supervised me haha! I did the takeover because I'm an explorer for their website and we wanted to show an adventure in the Adirondacks during peak foliage! While personally I'm off social media I still have obligations and partnerships I can't just drop whenever I want.)

All in all I’m really glad I’ve been doing it. While I wish I knew what my friends are up to (although I’m grateful I’m not inundated with some peoples feeds and stories), I’m really happy that I’ve challenged myself to take this social media break and I’ve stuck with it. It definitely helps that Michael changed my passwords and won’t tell me what they are until November and that he’s holding me to this challenge as well- he’s a great rock I can always rely on to not cave into my begging. HA!

Do I still miss it? Um, yes… absolutely. I’m not going to act like I’m the kind of person who’s above social media or doesn’t need it or whatever. I really love Instagram and I usually use it multiple times a day but now that I know how much I used it I will definitely be making some adjustments and limitations once I have it back.

p.s. for any of you saying "no social media, lol, well then why is she blogging?" When I blog I'm not looking at feeds, looking at other peoples content or anything like that. I simply write and post and then I'm off! I'm not interacting with other content. Also... you can still email me with any questions or comments! I always check my emails and will respond as soon as possible.