The Slow Life

A little snap of the sunrise while I was laying in our tent in the Grayson Highlands

A little snap of the sunrise while I was laying in our tent in the Grayson Highlands

Life has been slow recently and I've been savoring every moment of it. While we're still somewhat busy and active, everything also feels very... serene. Michael and I are in a bit of a limbo; we know change is coming but we're not positive what it's going to be yet. We're excited but also nervous. We often chat about the different realities that could potentially develop within the next few months but we won't know what's going to happen until we know.

Also last weekend we went backpacking with our good friends and the fresh air in the highlands was much needed for everyone in our little group. Personally, I got to think a lot during that time and I made a really big decision that I've been needing to make for awhile now. The second I made up my mind for good it's almost as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Every day that goes by I'm feeling more and more at peace with my decision. 

I'm looking forward to the next few months! I love the holidays and I love that we have so mnay fun plans with lots of our close friends. Michael and I have many couples we love spending time with and I'm so thankful for those relationships and the happiness they bring to our lives. This has been a good year of curating lifetime friendships for us, something else I'm grateful for.

Also my little month-long social media break is coming to an end. I really should call it my month-long Instagram break but really that's the only social media I spend a lot of time on. I've said before I only use Facebook to post content, not to interact with other people. I've learned a lot from my time away from that little app and I'm going to be making some change with how I use it going forward. It's been a great experience and if you spend too much time on any social media, challenge yourself to get off of it for a month. If that idea scares you or you feel like you'd fall apart at the seams if you weren't able to share your life or see other people's content, then you REALLY should give yourself a break. 

I hope this feeling of absolute calm and slowness sticks around for a few more weeks. It never lasts for long though, which is why I savor when life gets slow.